Custom Erotic Audios

I love making erotic audios and you can find many of them in my Niteflirt Goody Bag Collection.

Perhaps you have something specific in mind? We all have those ‘trigger’ words, actions and sounds that really get us going don’t we? I can create a custom audio for you that is sure to turn you on…..and on….and on!

Here are some of my voice samples:

My Niteflirt general listing voice sample: Voice Sample
My Exposure Listing: Voice Sample
My Girl Next Door Listing: Voice Sample

Here are some recent reviews of custom audios I have made for private clients:

“Wow, doesn’t get better than that! Love the personal tweaks, thanks!” – O

Just wanna listen to it over & over.” – J

oh my god that was literally the hottest thing ever” – S

kelly it is totally fabulous & i love it! your voice & the acting so great! i’ll be back in touch for more if that’s ok. thank u!!” – J

he already knows I’m a fag, but hearing him say it anytime I want to hear him say it, makes me a wet and drippy sissy! In fact, I’m going to listen to it again, right now!” (an audio with my boyfriend assisting) – T

There are several ways you can communicate with me about what kind of audio you want:

- Call Me! Let’s talk about your audio. I can take notes, get specifics, etc.

- Email Me with your ideas . If you have a script, send it. If you just have ideas, send those. Let’s open up a dialogue so I can get the details of what you’d like.

- Email Me an excerpt from a book you read or even a link to a video you saw. I can re-create it via audio and put my ‘Kelly’ twist on it. kelly

Contact Me for pricing: price varies depending on length, details, sound effects, script, or custom writing.

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