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Worship My Breasts – The Proper Way!

I’m a woman that knows how to work her assets. And by assets; I’m specifically talking about my bodacious ta-tas! I’m no fool; I know what you’re addicted to. Right this moment I’m wearing the sexiest Kelly_Red_ (15)black lace bra that has my breasts nearly overflowing! I love to tease you with my breasts; knowing that you’ll do anything for them.

Let me guess…….

You’re adoring my gorgeous breasts. You’ve purchased one of my Sexy Picture Sets; maybe the one with my DD’s fully exposed or perhaps you’ve been enjoying a tease with my pure cleavage shots. You’ve got your cock out and you’re stroking…………

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I want you to either Call Me or purchase my audio titled ‘Titty Tease: You Want To Cum On These DD’s?’.

Until then. Look, drool, but don’t touch yourself until my voice tells you to!

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Public Confession: Tara – I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 3 of 3)

Here we are with the final installment of my sissy Tara’s Public Confession! This has been so much fun! I have loved talking with Tara, watching her on web cam, sharing her pictures on my blog and on Twitter and even inviting my friends (and even my boyfriend William) to enjoy her pictures and writing. The comments on my blog and on Twitter from other Mistresses and from random strangers has really been the bow on the panty! I have loved reading about the evolution of Tara’s feminization. We have talked about the possibility of her doing more Public Confessions, picture sharing and blog posts in the very near future and….I can’t wait! I think we having a budding blogger in our midst!

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I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 3 of 3)

Right after buying my shoes and walking through the mall and experiencing outing my shoe fetish, I tara3headed into Victoria’s Secret to be fitted for a bra!  I told the cute girl who waited on me, what I was looking for and she took me into another room, off to the side!  I was shocked there were lots of women and girls in there!  She told me in front of them, we would have to wait for the ladies, to be done, before we could use the changing room!  And then, in front of all of them, she said ”arms up” and took a tape and measured me and announced my measurements for everyone to hear!   I guess, since, I was wearing women’s shoes, so it shouldn’t have shocked the ladies, but it sure shocked me!   I was beyond embarrassed, standing waiting to try on a bra!  I decided to browse the panty racks and pick out the cutest panties, I could find!  After all, I was already totally humiliated!

They Come Right Into The Dressing Room While I’m In Panties!

As time went on, I started trying on more and more outfits in stores, if the sales associates seemed to be interested in helping me, I would always find something to purchase!  If they seemed put off by the whole thing, I’d simply move on to another store, until I found the right place, the right associate, etc….   I never wanted to make any sales associate uncomfortable!   The thing is, when I find the right associate or associates, it turns into fun for all of us!  The girls or ladies that make things the most fun and exciting, are confident and see me as no threat, what so ever!  Some of them, come right into the dressing room, while I’m in panties!  Others just knock on the changing room door at the same time as their opening it!  Sometimes, multiple associates will be pulling items, for me to try on!   It’s all so fantastic feeling, when this happens!  I love the attention, especially when they want to see me model the outfits!  I’ve even had some girls, take my picture in the outfits as I try them on!  It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, and forget that I’m not really a girl, when things are going this way!  Trying clothes on, under these circumstances really seems to create satisfying acceptance of myself, within me, that is just impossible to explain!

I Felt Naked Wearing A Dress Instead Of Slacks!

Eventually, my desires came to include make up and trips to the day spa too!  One time after a make up lesson at Merrill Norman Cosmetics in the mall, I left in complete fem and the purchase of my first dress followed on that very day!   I felt so awkward, wearing a dress, makeup and heals that day, and I could hear people giggling and pointing at me!  Despite this, it was nice to finally do it!  My next trip out, in a dress with full make up, happened just two weeks ago!  It started, with a make over, manicure and pedicure and pink nail polish!  I had my camera with me, and some pictures were taken, of me in my blouse, slacks and vest!  The girls were very good at transforming me as you can see in the pictures!  Then, they had me put on my stockings and my dress!  After, wearing jeans and slacks most of my whole life, the dress just didn’t seem to cover much!  When, I walked out of the dressing room, I told the girls, that I felt naked, wearing a dress instead of slacks!   They took more pictures of me, before sending me out to the mall, drug store, and the beauty supply!    I felt, so very vulnerable, and exposed in the dress but at the same time I felt extremely confident, and sexy!  I loved the feeling of peoples eyes upon me!   This is definitely, an experience, I’d like to repeat often! 

Thank you Tara for sharing your feminization story with Me and all of my readers! Don’t you just love Tara’s story and photos? I know you’d love to see yourself up in lights wouldn’t you? Just make a Public Confession and you will be right here!

Public Confession: Tara – I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 2 of 3)

Last week was SO exciting for my sissy Tara! It was the release of the 1st part of her Public Confession. Prior to posting part 1, Tara and I spent some time on the phone together getting her prepped and ready for the big ‘reveal’. I can’t tell you how exciting it was to hear Tara exclaim ‘Expose Me! Publish It!’ as I clicked my mouse and shared her confession (and panty picture!) to all of my blog subscribers and my Twitter followers! It was a very exciting day. As promised, today we are sharing Part 2; along with another fem photo. This photo is so gorgeous! I would love to hear your comments, see your re-tweets and see you favorite this post.

In case you missed it……Part 1 is HERE.

I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 2 of 3)

tara2A few nights later, another trip, to a different department store ensued!  And, it became an every week thing, I was buying something feminine constantly!  Soon, I had acquired many different styles of panties, and started to find myself wearing different styles depending on my mood!  Then, I started to realize that some fabrics would make me more excited than others, while some different fabrics would make me feel softer and more comfortable and relaxed!  Realizing panties were much more comfortable, than male briefs with the heavy seams in the fly, my supply of briefs in my dresser got thinner and thinner!  It no longer bothered me, to throw away, under ware with small holes in them!  And with my panties, it wasn’t a bad thing either, because I was constantly acquiring more!

Packages From The Ladies Apparel Companies!

It became apparent to me, that I needed a place of my own, with no roommate.  But, once I had my own place, I came to another conclusion, wow was this a mistake!  Upon visiting a friend, and seeing his wife’s, One Hanes Place catalog on the counter, I wanted my own catalog!  When he left the room, I wrote down the phone number!  A few days later, I  called and requested a catalog!  The day it showed up, I placed my order!  It was kind of embarrassing but the lady was very helpful, and she giggled at me when I asked if I could order some panties!  She said she’d be glad to take my order!  Several days later, there was a catalog from Newport News in my PO Box!  That night an order from them followed!  Same thing the next couple of days, as catalogs and orders from Learner, Lane Bryant,  etc…… followed!  After four or five days of ordering,  notes from the Post Master, saying I had to come in during business hour to pick up a package, started showing up!  The first couple of times the ladies at the Post Office, had a hard time, finding my packages!   They seemed to keep looking past the packages from the ladies apparel companies!  After, they found my packages, they always handed them to me with a smirk on their faces!  I was so busted, but hooked on the experience, and these ladies at the Post Office in the town, I lived in, knew my secret!  To make it worse, the more catalogs I got, the more orders, I placed!  And the more orders I placed, the more catalogs, the companies would send!   Many of the items I’d ordered either, didn’t fit or look as nice once I got them, as they did in the catalog and it seemed like a waste of money!  I soon tired of this!

The Desire To Acquire Feminine Clothing Came Back Again

When the desire to acquire feminine clothing came back again, I made a resolution, not to repeat my previous mistakes!  From this time on, I would exclusively shop in stores, where I could try things on before my purchase!  Now, I will admit, I have had to deviate slightly as some things are almost impossible to find in a store!  However this new rule of mine, has made for some interesting experiences, as I’ve grown to like wearing my purchases out of the store!  I’ve gotten some sweet Your So Naughty Smiles, and had some girls look down their noses at me, while others may laugh and or giggle at me, sometimes even in my face!

It Was Obvious That I Was Shopping For Myself!

When, I realized, it was obvious to the sales girls, that I was shopping for myself, things changed again!  I began to enjoy, the chit chat with some of the sales girls!   With some girls, I seemed so accepted, sometimes even embraced, and started to purchase more than just panties!   I became extremely honest with them, answering any questions they had, no matter how embarrassing!  I began to enjoy being exposed, to these women, although, at the time, I didn’t realize what it was that I found so exciting!   All I understood, at the time, was I felt good around women, that knew my secret!I began, to want female shoppers, in the malls and/or stores, to take notice, that I was a panty wearing sissy!  I started to wear tighter and tighter jeans, hoping to be spotted and hear some giggles!  Not getting noticed, I started purchasing women’s jeans!  Sometimes opting for pink or white jeans or shorts!  I started getting strange looks, and knew, I was onto something exciting!   But, I wasn’t sure, if I wanted to be so obvious, that guys could tell my secret!  My thing at the time, was to be noticed by women!  

You’re Such a Faggot

Eventually, all this lead to buying women’s slacks!  The feelings of vulnerability, were becoming extremely exciting to me!  I started to get a better sense of women’s subtle reactions, even if they tried to cover them up, positive or negative, sometimes I could make them out!  I remember, a cute young mother and the grin on her face, when she noticed me walking through the mall in my women’s shoes!  I should have went back and thanked her!  Another couple of girls, were walking in the mall, and about ran over me, because they had their heads down and weren’t watching where they were going!  But after dodging me, I saw one girl grab the others arm and practically rip it off, just to point out my shoes!  It was more than obvious, they were making fun of me!  That experience, felt much more humiliating, than I was prepared for at that time!The Your So Naughty Smile, I got from the young mother, and the humiliating You’re Such a Faggot Gawking, I got from the other two, both excited me, but in different ways!

Stay tuned in one week for Part 3 of Tara’s Public Confession!