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The Interview: The Head Bitch In Charge Only Hires BIG Cocks

theinterviewThis new hot, exclusive audio can only be found in this Goody Bag – 7 erotic minutes of storytelling for just $15! Buy it now.

You’re job hunting and have applied for a personal assistant position at a completely female owned kelly_black_ (6)multi-million dollar business. The HBIC (head BITCH in charge) has called you in for an interview. You’re seated in a very crowded waiting room…………….looking around at the other applicants. Beefy men with tailored suits and one thing they all seem to have in common; bulging crotches!

Your name is called and you’re escorted to her office door. You hesitate as you reach out and take the knob; twisting it and walking in………………

There she is…………looking as confident, domineering and sexy as you imagined.

It’s time for your Interview. Will you measure up?

This audio has threads of: sph, humiliation, female domination, cum eating, roleplay, secretary, panties, high heels, joi and cfnm

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Las Vegas Turns Vanilla Boys Into Worshipping Sluts

I enjoyed the last week in Las Vegas; oh my goodness can a girl like me have a fabulous time there! I go about four times per year so I have everything lined up that I might possibly need. It’s always fun though to go out and mingle with the ‘vanillas’. Just in case you weren’t sure; a vanilla is someone that hasn’t yet been spoiled by kink!

This time around, I enjoyed an evening at The Paris hotel, they have a fabulous dueling piano bar whichkelly_black_ (4) is always a good time in my book. I met a sexy guy from Canada that insisted on buying me some of their overpriced drinks which I of course accepted happily. As we were sitting and enjoying the music, he made a comment about my new pumps. They’re pink suede with an amazing accent up the heel.

Sent to me by a foot slave online. I told him that as much as I love the shoes; I really could use a foot rub. As I said it, I slid my feet right onto his lap. He looked down at them and back at me, with question in his eyes. I said, ‘do it’. He reached down and started to take one of my heels off, slipping it off slowly and breathing in deeply. He sat the heel right on the table and took my foot into both of his hands. I watched him inhale deeply as his hands started to caress my beautiful foot.

Right there with about 50 people around us, he sat my bare foot against his crotch as he started to work on the other one. He was hard and firm under my foot, making it impossible for me to resist arching my foot and rubbing his cock. His breathing was becoming more rapid as he looked right into my eyes; mesmerized.

He rubbed my foot, I rubbed his cock. He began to pant. His eyes were glazing over.

I took my feet away. Slipped my heels back on. Crossed my legs. Sipped my drink.

One more vanilla is opened up to my world.