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Party Favors Wanted! Saturday Night 5/17/14 9PM – 3AM EST

Have you ever fantasized about being exposed in front of a room full of women?cfnm

Here’s your chance!

Tomorrow night, from 9PM – 3AM EST, I will be at an all girl’s slumber party! And when I say girls, it’s important for you to know that these are very KINKY women – none of them are vanilla. This is going to be so much FUN! Here’s the plan for the evening….

We are all going over to Slutty Bonnie’s house around 8 or 9PM EST. We’ll all change into our sexy nighties and lingerie so we can be totally comfy! We have some cocktail ingredients to make some very strong margaritas and we are all bringing some yummy grub!

Now, this is where YOU come in…………We need ENTERTAINMENT! Want to call in and entertain us? I’ll have my laptop so we can watch you on webcam or I can put the phone on speakerphone so we can all play. We’re looking for: Really Big Cocks, teeny tiny cocks, exposure sluts, humiliation sluts, PAY PIG$, ass stretchers, pain whores and more!

You can call any of my lines that you see available – I may have a regular line on or I may turn my Ignore Line on. Please note that if you call the Ignore Line; you WILL BE IGNORED by all of us!

My Regular Phone Lines

My Ignore Lines

Hope to hear from you…..see you… with you…..tease you…..laugh at you…………………..

P.S. – if you’re not available on that particular night….don’t despair….I am quite often with other kinky women; you’ll get your chance.

Call Me:
ext: 10067563

Don S.: A 4.5 inch Wriggly Wormie!

It’s Public Exposure Time!

Let me tell you all about Don S. He felt, and I wholeheartedly agree, that the public know about him. Don is from Ottowa, Canada and he’s 61 years old. He recently purchased my Public Confession Goody Bag and then called to give me all of his information. My first clue as to Don’s ‘biggest’ issue was his Niteflirt name:

Wriggly Wormie

thCan you believe a man would use a name like that? Wriggly Wormie? Well, it turns out the name is quite fitting because Don has a …………

4.5 Inch Dick!

I could hardly stop laughing. It was so hysterical! Then, he goes on to tell me that he recently mailed a letter to a former girlfriend of his; he offered her the following (this is word for word):

Dear Mistress B…,

i am writing to humbly beseech of You the privilege of being Your slave, one weekend per month.  During this time, i would do whatever tasks You deigned to assign me – housecleaning, grocery shopping (at my expense, of course), etc.  i would also submit to any humiliation or punishment You would choose to bestow – locked into chastity, wearing a sissy outfit, spanked, foot worship, etc.

The schedule would be flexible and at Your convenience, of course.

If You are so inclined, You could reply using the self-addressed envelope enclosed or by e-mailing (email removed)

Should this arrangement be unworthy of You, i vow not to contact You again. Yours abjectly, don aka “wriggly wormie” aka…

Of course; he hasn’t heard from her.

I have wriggly wormie on the phone with Me at this very moment and I’m going to have him touch his little worm. When I do finally decide if his wormie gets to squirt; I’m going to have him beg me to click the ‘Publish’ button which will send this blog post out to EVERYONE………………

Call Me:
ext: 10067563