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Exposed! Andrew M and his 3″ clit!

If you’re on my customer list on Niteflirt (just add me to your favorites to make sure you’re on my list); you should have just received an email from me with a $3 Payment Request.

Just $1 per inch of humiliation! Andrew submitted my Professional Penis Evaluation – he had no idea I’d use that information to Expose & Humiliate him! Attached to the email is the six minute audio I made for and about Andrew; could this someday be you as well?

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Dicky Derby! Tonight Only! 5/8/15 @ 10PM EST

The Dicky Derby: Stroker’s Contest 10pm EST Tonight!

In the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, we four Mistresses have decided to have a
little race of our Own; a stroking race that is.

However, unlike the “most exciting 2
minutes in sports” our little stroker ponies will have to outlast each other, on cam, in Our presence.

    1. Each stroker pony must present himself on cam.
    1. All 4 Mistresses will be able to view, taunt, tease and torment you in an effort to
      get you to blow your load.
    1. The stroker pony who is still stroking at the end of the race, wins.
  1. Winner gets an extra 10 mins with all of us as we tease you and cheer you on across
    the finish line, not to mention your 15 minutes of fame on my blog.

Remember that if you get chosen to participate, We are betting on you to win, so it
would behoove you not to disappoint Us.

$50 Entry Fee, payable to your sponsored Mistress.

Your Owners

Kink Coach Kelly-Not your
everyday phone sex girl with 20 years of real ife experience in all aspects of kink,
fetish, and BDSM. A lifesytyle domme who’s presented at many fetish and kink
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Sintellectual Jane-You have a penis; she has a brain. Thus is the most accurate description of the
sintellectually devious Miss Jane. Her peer-less expertease at dominating men from
the top down helps to ease the age-old dilemma of which head controls a man ? the
answer is simple: Ms Jane controls them both! Her sharp wit and enticing voice will
soon have you ensnared and you won?t be able to stop coming back for more. Be sure
to check for her ?Sintellectual Sunday? series on her blog for a weekly wrap-up of
all things sintellectual.
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Beautiful, but evil. A cruel humiliatrix with a silky voice.
There’s no yelling here, but she will chew you up & spit you out. She’ll tease and
torment you all the while listening for the sound of your desperate pleas. Of
course since She really enjoys that sound, there’s not much chance She’ll be letting
you cum anytime soon.

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Susan is flush with raw, earthy sensuality.
Hard to believe someone with such a soft silky voice could be so dirty and twisted.
She loves filthy, obedient boys who’ll do anything Mistress asks of them. Favorite
games; locking them into a little cock cages and using all of their sexual triggers
against them.
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XOXO Kelly