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New Audios! Titty Teasing & SPH

I’ve just put up two brand new audios just for YOU! I’ll be making audios here and there and adding them to my collection. If you have something special you’d like to hear from me, just send me an email at and let me know what you’d like to hear. I love creating custom audios; it lets my creative juices flow!

Kelly’s Titty Tease – 5 Min. – Listen as I tease you with my delicious DD’s $10

Small Penis Humiliation – Let Me Measure it – 5 Mins – Teasing and laughing at your tiny little dick! $10

Call Me:
ext: 10067563
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Kelly Available Tues. & Wed. Noon – 5PM EST

Hi there! Just a quick note to let you know a bit of my schedule:

Tuesday 7/23/13 – Noon – 5PM EST

Wednesday 7/24/13 – Noon – 5PM EST

I’ll be available for calls through Niteflirt. While we’re on the phone, I can also view you on Skype or on Yahoo. Please purchase my Yahoo or Skype ID before calling.

I look forward to hearing from YOU! I do schedule appointments so feel free to email me to schedule one.

Call Me:
ext: 10067563
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Kelly Coaches Cock Suckers


They All Confess!

When Edwin first called me, he claimed to need assistance with orgasm control. We had a few phone sessions where I guided his masturbation and worked with him on delaying his orgasms. He seemed to really be one of those guys that just stroked for the instant pleasure of the orgasm until I taught him that there’s just SO MUCH MORE to masturbation!

I started exploring his fantasies, his mind, his true desires. This is when the truth came out. Soon, I discovered his secret.

Edwin Wanted Cock

The first time I heard his breath catch when I told him to think about a hard cock as he stroked; I knew I had finally uncovered the truth. Soon, I had him describing cocks that he had seen, cocks that he desired, cocks that he craved. Initially, he would cum very quickly. As we worked and he became more honest with me and with himself, he was able to verbally express his desires and to delay his orgasms more and more.

His Coaching Has Just Begun

Edwin’s coaching has only just begun. He’s not through. Now that he’s admitted the truth, I fully intend to train him in the art of cock sucking. You may be wondering how? Well darlings, I wouldn’t be much of a tease if I told you here, now would I? ;)

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Kink Coach Kelly – Available For Calls & Watching Your Cam!

It’s official! At 4PM EST, July 1st – Kink Coach Kelly went live! I have been dreaming of starting this for so long; and now here we are! I have been providing phone fantasies for years but always wanted to do something more specific. I’ve always been ‘Kelly the phone sex girl’ but now, now I’m ‘Kink Coach Kelly!’. I am SO excited!

I wonder who my first callers will be. Will they be perverts? I sure hope so! Will they just want to masturbate with me and tell me their dirty secrets? Fingers crossed! Will they want to open up to me, to let me ask them questions to get to the root of their desires? I can only imagine!

I’m also really psyched that I will be able to actually VIEW my clients on their webcam! I have a Yahoo account available for IM’ing and for cam watching; you may Purchase My yahoo ID for just $4; this proves that you’re serious and let’s me spend time chatting with actual clients like yourself.

I’m excited for my new journey and can’t wait to see where it takes me. I hope you’re along for the ride! Please make sure to subscribe to my blog so that you can receive updates from me.