Erotic Audio Collection

I know you can’t get enough of My voice; or perhaps you haven’t yet had the pleasure?

Below are some absolutely free audios just for YOU; enjoy!

Kink Coach Kelly – Intro Audio: Get to know Me and some of My kinky interests.

Kelly’s Confession Line: You will tell Me everything!

Perversion Immersion: Say NO To Rehab; Let Me Make It Worse!

Would you like to hear more explicit audios?

I love making custom audio recordings; just email me with your ideas and I’ll let you know pricing.

Here are the audios I currently have available for purchase through my NiteFlirt Goody Bag Collection (If you prefer to call in to listen rather than purchasing the mp3 version; just click on ‘recorded listings’ on any of my NF pages):

Note: These are by no means all of the audios I have available – please visit my Goody Bag Page on Niteflirt to see everything that I currently have available. I am always adding pictures and audios.


Brainwashed To Always Wank Never Fuck A 20 Minute Erotic Audio filled with triggers! You will masturbate on my command!

 He Thinks You’re A Fag My ex-boyfriend and I made this recording – listen to what he really thinks about guys that call me to fantasize about sucking cock.

Blackmailing My Boss – 6 Min. Uh Oh! I’ve caught my boss jacking off… much will he have to pay for me to keep quiet?

Abandoned Orgasm – 7 Minutes. You are going to learn what an Abandoned Orgasm is. Grab some lube. Grip your cock. Click play and sit back. You will follow my explicit instructions – step by step.

A Week’s Worth of Release – 8 Minutes. You’ve behaved yourself for an entire week – no touching, no stroking, no cumming! Now it’s day seven and you’ve come to see me…..what will happen?

A Conversation about Orgasm Control – 10 Minutes. Let’s discuss your orgasms. Do you really need to cum? Is it necessary? I’m going to condition you, control you, and make you understand why your ejaculations need to stop.

Coached Cum Eating – 7 Minutes – Listen as I direct you to stroke your cock and eat your cum out of a shotglass. Mmmm, delicious!

Kelly’s Titty Tease – 5 Minutes – Listen as I tease you with my delicious DD’s – I know you want to be a naughty boy and get them ALL messy! $10

Small Penis Humiliation – Let Me Measure it – 5 Minutes – Teasing and laughing at your tiny little dick!

Small Penis Humiliation/CFNM – you come in for a physical exam and end up on display in front of a group of med students! 7 minutes

Honey, You’re Too Small – Your dick doesn’t satisfy me. It’s time for you to be cuckolded! 5 minutes


2 thoughts on “Erotic Audio Collection

    1. Kelly Post author

      Hi there! Can you tell me which link is broken? I have audios on all of my listings – look under ‘voice tease’ or ‘voice sample’


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