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Making Erotic Audios With My Man!

kelly-worshippingalphacockYou’ll notice that Niteflirt now offers Goodie Bags – it’s so exciting to have this new option for putting out sexy pictures, audios, packages, etc. In the theme of creating something hot and new; I talked with my boyfriend about possibly making some audios together. (We take calls together all the time on our Couples Phone Sex Line.) His answer…….

Fuck, Yes!

Can you blame him? ;) I thought we’d start with some sensual blow jobs and hand jobs before working up to some extreme cuckolding audios, etc.

The first Goodie Bag I’ve put up is called:

Worshipping Alpha Cock

This one is 4.5 minutes of me sucking William’s cock all while telling him how much I love it! It’s a really hot, oral audio. I love the ending – you’ll hear my cell phone ring – that’s because we got a Couple’s Call! We ended up having amazing sex for about an hour with a cuckold on the phone – SO FUN!

Look for more and more sexy audios from William and me! If you have a request; email me! We do CUSTOM AUDIOS :)

Call Me:
ext: 10067563


Blackmailing My Masturbating Boss!

You've Been Caught!

You’ve Been Caught!

This is a fun little fantasy I had recently…..imagining I was a secretary working in a large office. Dressing sexy as I make my rounds; delivering messages and mail.

Knock. Knock. Mr. Smith?

Oh, dear! As I push the door to his office open I can hear some moaning and then see his arm pumping up and down. It’s unmistakable; he’s jacking off! What should I do? Close the door and pretend not to have noticed?

Should I Blackmail Him?

Of course, I decide to push my way inside and make my presence known. He does, after all, have the power to improve my financial pay out. I, of course, have the power to either keep his perverted little secret or not!

Pay Up or Be Exposed!

Want to listen in? Find out how much he ends up paying? I’ve added ‘Blackmailing My Masturbating Boss’ to my Erotic Audios Collection. It can be yours for just $25 to listen to, over and over again.