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The Interview: The Head Bitch In Charge Only Hires BIG Cocks

theinterviewThis new hot, exclusive audio can only be found in this Goody Bag – 7 erotic minutes of storytelling for just $15! Buy it now.

You’re job hunting and have applied for a personal assistant position at a completely female owned kelly_black_ (6)multi-million dollar business. The HBIC (head BITCH in charge) has called you in for an interview. You’re seated in a very crowded waiting room…………….looking around at the other applicants. Beefy men with tailored suits and one thing they all seem to have in common; bulging crotches!

Your name is called and you’re escorted to her office door. You hesitate as you reach out and take the knob; twisting it and walking in………………

There she is…………looking as confident, domineering and sexy as you imagined.

It’s time for your Interview. Will you measure up?

This audio has threads of: sph, humiliation, female domination, cum eating, roleplay, secretary, panties, high heels, joi and cfnm

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XOXO Kelly

2 Girls + Your Little Dick – Real sph & JOI!

sphkcksusanI’ve invited my friend Mistress Susan (small penis hotline on NF!) into my living room to expose your tiny dick! Enjoy the genuine laughter, the real excitement of me & my friend, Mistress Susan as they make you strip, make you stroke and make you cum – all while laughing, joking and even making wagers! You are going to love being in front of the two of us.

This audio has themes of: joi, sph, humiliation, masturbation instruction, exposure, cum eating, laughter, women giggling

Don’t forget to look through my Goody Bag collection while you’re online, to follow me on
Twitter and to subscribe to my Personal Blog for updates.

P.S. – I also make custom audios! Send me an email to discuss erotic content and pricing.

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Party Favors Wanted! Saturday Night 5/17/14 9PM – 3AM EST

Have you ever fantasized about being exposed in front of a room full of women?cfnm

Here’s your chance!

Tomorrow night, from 9PM – 3AM EST, I will be at an all girl’s slumber party! And when I say girls, it’s important for you to know that these are very KINKY women – none of them are vanilla. This is going to be so much FUN! Here’s the plan for the evening….

We are all going over to Slutty Bonnie’s house around 8 or 9PM EST. We’ll all change into our sexy nighties and lingerie so we can be totally comfy! We have some cocktail ingredients to make some very strong margaritas and we are all bringing some yummy grub!

Now, this is where YOU come in…………We need ENTERTAINMENT! Want to call in and entertain us? I’ll have my laptop so we can watch you on webcam or I can put the phone on speakerphone so we can all play. We’re looking for: Really Big Cocks, teeny tiny cocks, exposure sluts, humiliation sluts, PAY PIG$, ass stretchers, pain whores and more!

You can call any of my lines that you see available – I may have a regular line on or I may turn my Ignore Line on. Please note that if you call the Ignore Line; you WILL BE IGNORED by all of us!

My Regular Phone Lines

My Ignore Lines

Hope to hear from you…..see you… with you…..tease you…..laugh at you…………………..

P.S. – if you’re not available on that particular night….don’t despair….I am quite often with other kinky women; you’ll get your chance.

Call Me:
ext: 10067563

Multiple Mistress Party! Are You Brave Enough?

I know you love calling Me and having Me listen to your deepest confessions, your most intimate of humiliations. I absolutely love watching you stroke and perform for Me on cam. I sincerely adore listening to your cock sucking, panty wearing, tiny penis having fantasies (and facts). But, what if…….

You could have Multiple Mistresses on the phone with you?

MultiHeadsFor a very lucky few, this WILL happen.

You see, my very good friend Mistress Reaghan has created an NF listing called Mistress Party. How did this come about you may wonder? As you may already know, I spend a lot of time at her beautiful South Florida home. I also live in South Florida so it’s very easy to come by for an extended visit. We love to include each other on our sexy calls, when appropriate. Recently, we had Miss Jane come for a visit and thus…….Mistress Party was created! We have been enjoying having men calling all of us – falling to their knees and being amazed by all of us controlling him at the same time. We also have skype & yahoo webcam viewing capabilities; do you dare show multiple Mistresses?

Humiliating & Enjoying Men – Are You Brave Enough?

All you have to do to be a part of our Mistress Party is to call us whenever that line is open and we’re available. Here’s the link to the Mistress Party NF Page – if it says ‘Call Now’; we’re available and you need to call US – right now!

Call Button

We may have two Mistresses or more; you’ll never know! Keep an eye on my Twitter page for updates, too. When you call, we will put you on speakerphone so that we can ALL hear EVERYTHING you do and say. You’ll also hear us – guiding, laughing, questioning, giggling. Are you brave enough?

We can’t wait to hear from YOU!

Call Kink Coach Kelly for phone sex on

Call Me:
ext: 10067563