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I'm Kelly! I'm a Kink Coach providing guidance, advice and training in many areas. Visit my profiles on coach kelly

BBC – The Future IS Black!

You do know what BBC is – right? BBC stands for Big Black Cock. Mmmmmm! I know you’ve been fantasizing about seeing me with a dark skinned lover; haven’t you? Well, for your interracial kinky needs you can listen anytime to the audios I made a while back called The Truth About Black Cock and Alpha BBC.

I know you’re ready for some new BBC training.

It’s time to advance to a new type of training in the world of BBC sex. Let’s focus on black supremacy, being bred by black cocks and about women that WANT black babies.

This is a very specific niche and I have someone that writes the most amazing scripts about it! Want to have a listen? Each of these new audios is 16 minutes long and I’ve put them on sale through August 1st only – 16 minutes for $16 – that’s a steal! Why did I put them on sale? Because I want YOU to listen! I want YOU to hear all about it!

The first one is called White Boy Tissue Wank – omg I love this one! Make sure you have a fresh box of Kleenex at hand!

White Boy Tissue Wank by Kink Coach Kelly

The second is called BBC Initiative Training – again, you are absolutely going to love this and you should again have a box of Kleenex!

BBC Initiative Training by Kink Coach Kelly

Don’t worry – these are very different audios with the same ‘theme’ in mind. Enjoy!

Want to hear my voice saying exactly what you want to hear about interracial sex? Call Me LIVE!

If you want me to record something just for you – ask me about making you a personalized, custom audio. I can record a script, a story or I can create something unique. Email me – to start a communication about your personal erotic audio.

The Future IS Female!

Exposure Removed: Publicly EXPOSED!

Updated: This absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being has begged that his exposure be removed. I hate removing exposures – once it’s up, it’s up. That’s what you agree to when you purchase the exposure package – when I publish your exposure I ask you if you understand that it will stay – forever – and if you agree; I publish it.

This pathetic loser bitch has decided to be a complete pain in my ass and doesn’t deserve to be on my blog anymore – I’m removing every trace of you. Well. Almost. Every. Trace. LOLOLOLOLOL

He Asked For This.

—REMOVED— called me and told me how much he needed to be humiliated, dominated, embarrassed – both publicly and privately – I told him this is the next logical step – to buy my Public Exposure Goody Bag. To be up on my blog for all eternity – to have his pictures and his story shared with all of my readers (and all of my callers!)

He Paid For This.

For over ten years he’s been a bitch for black cock – look at this picture of his little white dick – I mean seriously; how tiny is it????? This loser bitch DESERVES to be exposed! His dick is only a source of entertainment! The first black dick he had in his mouth was coerced by a girl he thought he might actually get to fuck – HA! She made him suck that BBC and he got nothing in return – he likes being used, humiliated and exposed!

Slut 4 Black Cock

He Kissed Her Ass & He Was Her Bitch!

In high school –removed– had to kiss a girl’s ass – her and her girlfriend’s beat him up and took his wallet and clothes – stripped him naked – laughed hysterically – he ran home naked and when he went to beg for his things; she made him go through the trash and then made him kiss her ass as she farted right in his face – and of course; the entire school heard about it! The ‘abuse’ continued! He was soon trained to cum only with a fart in his mouth!

I’m leaving for the weekend – with this exposure having  exactly ZERO chance of being taken down!

P.S. if you do a search for his twitter handle –REMOVED– you might find his phone # if you wish to harass him. I was able to find EVERYTHING.

Brainwashed! Always Wank – Never Fuck! New KCK Erotic Audio

You’ve been asking for more control.

Here it is.

I’ve just put out a new NF Goody – Brainwashed! Always Wank – Never Fuck!

Listen to a free audio clip Here.


This 20 minute erotic fantasy is going to trigger so many of your submissive, obedient needs and tendencies! I’ve got you home alone and I intend to take over – I’ve implanted a track that you’ve inadvertently listened to over and over. Now you are so pliable that, with the mere slap of my hands, you will have no choice but to: Always Wank – Never Fuck!

This audio has themes of: brainwashing, blackmail, female authority figure, large cock shame, commands, triggers, forced masturbation, hypnosis, hypno, trance

Make sure you look at my other goodies – I have 80 now! See All KCK’s Goodies!

Don’t forget – I also make custom audios – this audio actually started out as a custom – I loved it so much I had to make it into a goody!

The Black Widow: Part 2 – New Erotic Fucking Audio Available Now!

I have 78 Fucking Hot Goodies for your listening and viewing enjoyment! As if you needed even more to fap off to…………………My first hot audio of 2017 is here! I’ve attached two clips to this email for you to listen to….I’m sure they’re going to get your dick’s attention!

You may have already enjoyed The Black Widow Series: Part 1 – now you can listen to Part 2!

The Black Widow! With her seductive curves and superpowers galore; she is going to milk our superhero until he can’t take anymore. Close your eyes and hit play; you’ll be taken away to a fantasy world where you’re the sexual prey!

Here are some reviews of Part 1:

OMG Perfect next chapter to the incredibly hot superhero story. Left me weak in Your control.

Fantastic! The Black Widow traps and seduces the hapless superhero to be her willing sex toy. I am utterly envious!

mesmerizing and sucks you in

Buy Part 1 Here:

And now…..she’s back!

Part 2 finds our super hero yet again helpless to fight the seductive powers of The Black Widow. This time; she has a big bottle of oil – a juicy pair of tits – and all the time in the world to milk and drain her toy over and over again! 22 minutes of hot fantasy fun!

Buy Part 2 Here:

If you enjoy fantasy erotica – I also have The Succubus Series – you can buy each part individually or you can buy all of them for a bulk discount.

If YOU want me to make something custom, just for you, just email me – and we can discuss it. You can hear voice samples and see reviews here: Custom Audios by Kink Coach Kelly.

Always make sure to be a good pet and leave excellent feedback on every goody bag and every phone call!

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Tugs & Kisses!


Holy Fuck – Our First Time Was HOT!

I just listened to the finished product of a custom audio order. And OMG – it was HOT AS FUCK!

A caller of mine, we’ll call him ‘J’, asked if I would be interested in making a very specific audio for him. I asked him for some details and while he didn’t exactly have a script written, he was able to provide me with those important aspects that he wanted to have included.

It was a fantasy about him and his girlfriend; they were so in love but had never gone ‘all the way’. In this roleplay; I was teasing him with a new sexy outfit and after a while, I just couldn’t hold back anymore and needed to make love for the first time.


He wanted to make sure I included: a sexy outfit that included garters and stockings, long hair, lots of teasing, romance, love, orgasms for both of us and one very specific detail – a squirting orgasm!

I read through his emails a few times and proceeded to write a script for it. I enjoyed writing the details the most – really getting into the fantasy and imagining what I would wear for him, what I would do, etc.

Well – after a few false starts – I was able to make the audio and it ended up about 12 minutes long! I seduced him, played with a little teasing domination, had him adore my body, used his cock to make myself cum (including my first squirting experience!) and finally couldn’t wait any longer and had to make love to him. It ended in mutual orgasms followed with some cuddling and pillow talk.

After the technical parts I had to do – editing for background, clarity and perfection – I played the whole thing back as I sat back with my headphones on. Holy. Fuck. It is SO hot! I can’t wait to hear back from him on how much he enjoyed it! I know he is going to have some amazing wank fests listening to this erotic playground :)

Thanks ‘J’ for allowing me the pleasure of making this for you – I know you’ll love the extra personal details I added on my own!

If YOU want me to make something custom, just for you, just email me – and we can discuss it. You can hear voice samples and see reviews here: Custom Audios by Kink Coach Kelly.

Don’t forget to look through my Goody Bag Collection – right now there are 77 goody bags there for you – picture sets, erotic audios, public exposure, penis evaluation program and more!

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Black Widow – New Erotic Audio Available!

You know I love creating hot, erotic content for you! There’s nothing like putting those earbuds in and hitting play; sitting back with your cock in your hand and listening to me weave a story that always includes hot fucking and explosive orgasms!I already have 77 amazing goody bags in my content collection – audios, photo sets, combo sets, a penis evaluation package and much more.

Click to see all My Goodies! theblackwidow1

I have someone that writes the most amazing scripts for me – I’m sure you’re familiar with my series about the Succubus or about the Seductress aren’t you? These are series of recorded scenarios involving me being the bitch in charge of things; usually with super powers of seduction and sex!

Female Double Agent: Seductions & Secret Liasons
Superhero vs. Seductress – Parts 1-5

Succubus Series – Part 1

Now for something brand spankin’ new!

This new audio will not disappoint! It’s called Black Widow and is 24 minutes of hot fucking fun! I use my super powers and my hot body to tease and torment our latest victim….errrrrr super-hero! He can’t resist me – can you? This is the 1st in what I’m sure will become a series.

Here’s a free clip from the recording: Black Widow Audio Clip

Here’s where you can purchase the audio directly: 

If you love my voice and want to have me record something personal for you – I make custom erotic audios of all kinds! Just message me with your ideas and thoughts –

Feminized Cuckold David S. – EXPOSED!

Here we go again……………..

Another tiny dick………………….

Another feminized cuckold………………………

I love opening emails that say ‘expose me Kelly’ after someone buys my Public Confessions & Exposure Package on Niteflirt. I know that whatever is inside of that email is going to amuse me and I’m going to LOVE showing everyone whatever’s inside!

Today – I am exposing David S. – he’s a 53 year old tiny dicked loser from Denver, CO. Here he is (he’s lucky I let him pay extra to cover up his face – don’t you love how I covered it? SO appropriate!)


Can you believe this guy even has a wife? LOOK at that tiny dick – can you even see it?? It’s absolutely pathetic! Just a waste of limp meat between his legs. EW!

It’s so pathetic that it’s no wonder at all that his sexy as fuck hot wife Kyoung is out getting some REAL cock. BIG cock. Probably BBC! It’s what she deserves after putting up with that mini dick for so long.

Now, Kyoung is actually letting this cuckold in on the action – she’s dressing him up like a bitch! Just LOOK!!


Do you recognize David S.? If so – let me know!!!

Make sure to re-tweet and re-post – like and comment on this blog post so we can spread these pics ALLLLLLLL over the internet.

He asked for it – he paid for it – and now – he’s getting the exposure he deserves.

My HOTTEST Goody Bags!

My Top 5 Goodies – Discounted For 48 Hours Only

I know you can’t get enough of me. I don’t blame you. You want me even when I’m not available on Niteflirt. Just because of your needy, selfish cock…………..I have made 76 Goody Bags for you to purchase anytime your blue balls desire me. 76! That’s 76 opportunities for you to worship, obey and…..possibly…..get off by looking at my photos, following my instructions or listening to my voice.

I’ve taken the time to list my top 5 hottest goodies (according to sales only; I of course think they are all the hottest – I’m certain you agree) and I’ve discounted them all. ONLY for 48 hours.

Take advantage of my generosity while you can;
it won’t last.


Penis Evaluation


#1: My Best Selling Goody of all time is my Professional Penis Evaluation – I’ve discounted this to $21 from $25 – it includes everything you need to submit yourself to me for my honest opinion of your cock. Want to know the truth? This is how. Read the reviews; you’ll see.



#2: Creamy DD’s – this pic set is the hottest I have available if you are in love with my all natural DD breasts. Full, round, creamy and dreamy! 3 pic set is usually $10; I’m letting you see them for $5.




goodie14#3: The Truth About BBC – this popular audio is 11 minutes long and is usually just $20; I’ve discounted it to $16 because you really need to hear it. I made this audio just for you. I want you to listen to me tell you the truth about black men; the truth about black cock. You need to hear this…..white boy.


#4: Masturbation Instructions – JOI #1 – In this steamy audio; I guide you thgoodie13rough a Masturbation session with Jerk Off Instructions; including a bit of self anal play. You’ll be saying my name as you pleasure yourself – Kelly, Kelly, Kelly! Discounted from $15 to $12.




#5: All Natural #1 – 3 pics of my all natural hairy bush! I’ve kept it all natural just for YOU. Enjoy the soft, silky hair between my legs. (one of the pics is a very UP CLOSE shot).  By the way; this is just set 1 of 2. I’ve made this set only $5 for a short time.


Please make sure to leave A++++ Feedback on this and any other goodies you purchase.

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XOXO Kelly

Personal Shopping With Kink Coach Kelly!


I’ve taken the time to create personal shopping lists for many of your different kinks and fetishes – want to see them? You’ll get links to these specific shopping lists:

‘you’re too small’
‘cock, cock, cock’
‘toys for men only’
‘chastity list’
‘cock, cock and more cock’
‘gifts for her’
‘girly things’
‘kinky toys’
‘stroke addicted’
‘toys for men only’
‘you’re too small’

Every product has a written description from your Kink Coach – you’ll love reading them – some frisky; some humiliating! Use the list for shopping or just for fun!