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Exposure Removed: Publicly EXPOSED!

Updated: This absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being has begged that his exposure be removed. I hate removing exposures – once it’s up, it’s up. That’s what you agree to when you purchase the exposure package – when I publish your exposure I ask you if you understand that it will stay – forever – and if you agree; I publish it.

This pathetic loser bitch has decided to be a complete pain in my ass and doesn’t deserve to be on my blog anymore – I’m removing every trace of you. Well. Almost. Every. Trace. LOLOLOLOLOL

He Asked For This.

—REMOVED— called me and told me how much he needed to be humiliated, dominated, embarrassed – both publicly and privately – I told him this is the next logical step – to buy my Public Exposure Goody Bag. To be up on my blog for all eternity – to have his pictures and his story shared with all of my readers (and all of my callers!)

He Paid For This.

For over ten years he’s been a bitch for black cock – look at this picture of his little white dick – I mean seriously; how tiny is it????? This loser bitch DESERVES to be exposed! His dick is only a source of entertainment! The first black dick he had in his mouth was coerced by a girl he thought he might actually get to fuck – HA! She made him suck that BBC and he got nothing in return – he likes being used, humiliated and exposed!

Slut 4 Black Cock

He Kissed Her Ass & He Was Her Bitch!

In high school –removed– had to kiss a girl’s ass – her and her girlfriend’s beat him up and took his wallet and clothes – stripped him naked – laughed hysterically – he ran home naked and when he went to beg for his things; she made him go through the trash and then made him kiss her ass as she farted right in his face – and of course; the entire school heard about it! The ‘abuse’ continued! He was soon trained to cum only with a fart in his mouth!

I’m leaving for the weekend – with this exposure havingĀ  exactly ZERO chance of being taken down!

P.S. if you do a search for his twitter handle –REMOVED– you might find his phone # if you wish to harass him. I was able to find EVERYTHING.