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Brainwashed! Always Wank – Never Fuck! New KCK Erotic Audio

You’ve been asking for more control.

Here it is.

I’ve just put out a new NF Goody – Brainwashed! Always Wank – Never Fuck!

Listen to a free audio clip Here.


This 20 minute erotic fantasy is going to trigger so many of your submissive, obedient needs and tendencies! I’ve got you home alone and I intend to take over – I’ve implanted a track that you’ve inadvertently listened to over and over. Now you are so pliable that, with the mere slap of my hands, you will have no choice but to: Always Wank – Never Fuck!

This audio has themes of: brainwashing, blackmail, female authority figure, large cock shame, commands, triggers, forced masturbation, hypnosis, hypno, trance

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Don’t forget – I also make custom audios – this audio actually started out as a custom – I loved it so much I had to make it into a goody!

The Black Widow: Part 2 – New Erotic Fucking Audio Available Now!

I have 78 Fucking Hot Goodies for your listening and viewing enjoyment! As if you needed even more to fap off to…………………My first hot audio of 2017 is here! I’ve attached two clips to this email for you to listen to….I’m sure they’re going to get your dick’s attention!

You may have already enjoyed The Black Widow Series: Part 1 – now you can listen to Part 2!

The Black Widow! With her seductive curves and superpowers galore; she is going to milk our superhero until he can’t take anymore. Close your eyes and hit play; you’ll be taken away to a fantasy world where you’re the sexual prey!

Here are some reviews of Part 1:

OMG Perfect next chapter to the incredibly hot superhero story. Left me weak in Your control.

Fantastic! The Black Widow traps and seduces the hapless superhero to be her willing sex toy. I am utterly envious!

mesmerizing and sucks you in

Buy Part 1 Here:

And now…..she’s back!

Part 2 finds our super hero yet again helpless to fight the seductive powers of The Black Widow. This time; she has a big bottle of oil – a juicy pair of tits – and all the time in the world to milk and drain her toy over and over again! 22 minutes of hot fantasy fun!

Buy Part 2 Here:

If you enjoy fantasy erotica – I also have The Succubus Series – you can buy each part individually or you can buy all of them for a bulk discount.

If YOU want me to make something custom, just for you, just email me – and we can discuss it. You can hear voice samples and see reviews here: Custom Audios by Kink Coach Kelly.

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Tugs & Kisses!


Succubus Series Erotic Storytelling – Part 3!

Succubus Series 3

The Succubus has been captured by the sexy Knight! Imprisoned! Has she finally been tamed? Unlikely! She will quickly turn the tables and lure her captor into her cell…..
using her bodacious tits and seductive talk; she will soon
have him right where she wants him………….Again!

(This is part 3 in a 3 part series – you can listen individually or string them all together
for an amazing erotic story!)

 Part 3 – Succubus Series $15 for 16 minutes

 Part 2 – Succubus Series $15 for 14 minutes

 Part 1 – Succubus Series $15 for 15 minutes

These audios have themes that include: sensual humiliation, big cock admiration, orgasm control, tit worship forced orgasm, fantasy super hero roleplay, erotic storytelling.

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XOXO Kelly

Abandoned Orgasms: Drained But Not Satisfied

This is a new term I’ve heard recently:

Abandoned Orgasm.

Now, I’ve of course been providing ruined orgasms, delayed orgasms, forced orgasms, dry orgasms, prostate orgasms and multiple orgasms for years! But what could an abandoned orgasm be?

kellyphoneI had a web cam slut showing me his cock and asking me to provide him with an Abandoned Orgasm. I asked him to describe it and he said it’s “when you stroke and start to cum but your Mistress makes you take your hand off of your cock and you just have to…..

watch the cum dribble out”.

I had to see this for myself! I guided him in a masturbation session; never again mentioning the words abandoned orgasm. As he got close, I felt myself scooting closer and closer to my computer screen so I could watch intently. I saw his balls lift……I saw him stroking so fast his fist was but a blur…..his head threw back and he started to let out a groan….I firmly and loudly said:

Take your fucking hand off of that dick!!!

He hesitated for a mere second and then took his hand off. His hand hung in the air, fingers splayed, hoping to be allowed to stroke through the orgasm. I, however, completely abandoned his orgasm and just watched as the creamy cum dribbled and shot out of his cock head. Oh it was glorious to see his face fall. To see the disappointment.

He was indeed………Drained But Not Satisfied.

Want to give it a try yourself? Call Me for your next abandoned orgasm. I’ve also added an Abandoned Orgasm audio to my Erotic Audio Collection – you can purchase and listen over and over again.

Call Kink Coach Kelly for phone sex on Niteflirt.comCall Me:
ext: 10067563

A Week’s Worth of Release: New Audio

I asked you not to touch yourself for an entire week. No stroking. No cumming. Not. Even. Once.  kellyaudio

It’s day seven and I’ve called you over. You know that tonight is the night for you to receive that release.

Listen to this 8 minute audio and play along; will you get that release?

A Week’s Worth of Release – 8 Mins – $16

New Audio: Orgasm Control Conversation

kelly_dress_ (2)Many women believe the myth that men MUST have orgasms. Not Me. I know the truth. I know that orgasms are only necessary for medical reasons. Poor average women; thinking that to enjoy sex with a male she must endure the messy male orgasm at the end. I know better.

Listen as I explain all of this to you. My calm voice will start to condition you to the fact that your squirting ejaculations simply are not necessary.

You will agree with Me. You will find yourself calling Me to discuss the future of your orgasms.

Control Your Orgasms – 10 Minutes – $20

Call Me:
ext: 10067563
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