$$$ Spoil Kelly $$$

I admit it, I am definitely a girly girl! I love to be spoiled! I can’t tell you how much joy it brings for Me to check my mailbox and find a package from You! It proves that you adore Me! There are many ways that you can spoil Me:

Note: All E-Gifts should be sent to kelly@kinkcoachkelly.com

Amazon.com – I have a personal wish list here. You can choose something from my list OR you can send me an e-mail gift card which I can then redeem for whatever I choose.

Target.com – send me any amount; I love Target! They now offer e-gift cards which are fabulous.

Carnival.com – E-gift cards are awesome! I cruise OFTEN and these come in handy anytime.

Southwest.com – I travel quite a bit and yes, I do take calls while I travel. Southwest is my favorite airline. I could never have enough southwest gift cards!

Your Feedback and participation on my blog are huge compliments. Please take some time to do both of these things – Thanks!

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