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Exposure Removed: Publicly EXPOSED!

Updated: This absolutely pathetic excuse for a human being has begged that his exposure be removed. I hate removing exposures – once it’s up, it’s up. That’s what you agree to when you purchase the exposure package – when I publish your exposure I ask you if you understand that it will stay – forever – and if you agree; I publish it.

This pathetic loser bitch has decided to be a complete pain in my ass and doesn’t deserve to be on my blog anymore – I’m removing every trace of you. Well. Almost. Every. Trace. LOLOLOLOLOL

He Asked For This.

—REMOVED— called me and told me how much he needed to be humiliated, dominated, embarrassed – both publicly and privately – I told him this is the next logical step – to buy my Public Exposure Goody Bag. To be up on my blog for all eternity – to have his pictures and his story shared with all of my readers (and all of my callers!)

He Paid For This.

For over ten years he’s been a bitch for black cock – look at this picture of his little white dick – I mean seriously; how tiny is it????? This loser bitch DESERVES to be exposed! His dick is only a source of entertainment! The first black dick he had in his mouth was coerced by a girl he thought he might actually get to fuck – HA! She made him suck that BBC and he got nothing in return – he likes being used, humiliated and exposed!

Slut 4 Black Cock

He Kissed Her Ass & He Was Her Bitch!

In high school –removed– had to kiss a girl’s ass – her and her girlfriend’s beat him up and took his wallet and clothes – stripped him naked – laughed hysterically – he ran home naked and when he went to beg for his things; she made him go through the trash and then made him kiss her ass as she farted right in his face – and of course; the entire school heard about it! The ‘abuse’ continued! He was soon trained to cum only with a fart in his mouth!

I’m leaving for the weekend – with this exposure having  exactly ZERO chance of being taken down!

P.S. if you do a search for his twitter handle –REMOVED– you might find his phone # if you wish to harass him. I was able to find EVERYTHING.

The Interview: The Head Bitch In Charge Only Hires BIG Cocks

theinterviewThis new hot, exclusive audio can only be found in this Goody Bag – 7 erotic minutes of storytelling for just $15! Buy it now.

You’re job hunting and have applied for a personal assistant position at a completely female owned kelly_black_ (6)multi-million dollar business. The HBIC (head BITCH in charge) has called you in for an interview. You’re seated in a very crowded waiting room…………….looking around at the other applicants. Beefy men with tailored suits and one thing they all seem to have in common; bulging crotches!

Your name is called and you’re escorted to her office door. You hesitate as you reach out and take the knob; twisting it and walking in………………

There she is…………looking as confident, domineering and sexy as you imagined.

It’s time for your Interview. Will you measure up?

This audio has threads of: sph, humiliation, female domination, cum eating, roleplay, secretary, panties, high heels, joi and cfnm

Please make sure to leave A++++ Feedback on this and any other goodies you purchase.

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XOXO Kelly

Richard: He Confessed His Desires & I’m Exposing Him!

So, this is Richard M****. I’m going to tell you everything I know about him – because I can!

Richard lives in Queensland, Australia and – as you can see – he is an aspiring cock sucker. That’s not a real cock he’s sucking; unfortunately. It’s a strap on worn by a Mistress that he paid to fuck his mouth. You see, I discovered that Richard only has a 4″ (I think that number is generous) pathetic, little dick that can’t please any woman. It only makes sense that he would eventually find his place……on his knees sucking a REAL man!


Look at this photographic evidence of just how ridiculous Richard is as a man. He’s not a man. That rubber cock next to him is more of a man than he is! Richard should be worshiping and FLUFFING Alpha cock and cleaning up creampies! At least Richard knows this is all true; he actually confessed it all to me over the phone and – obviously – even took these photos to show me that he was telling the truth.

Do you recognize Richard? Do you think you can get Richard to suck your cock? Or, do you want to talk to Richard about what a loser he is to be exposed like this? I don’t usually do this…..but……he asked for it…’s Richard’s personal email address! PLEASE – send him a pic of your cock!

Note: Richard is being exposed here on my blog – this is REAL – he asked for this by purchasing my Public Exposure Goody Bag and following through. I have his written and verbal permission (begging actually) to put this info and these photos out there for the entire world to see. I will NOT be removing this blog, photos, or twitter posts for any amount less than $$$$$ (Richard – you know how much this will cost) and I absolutely mean it.

Do YOU want to see your name, your pics, your confessions right here on my blog and on my twitter page? I can’t wait to Expose YOU! Just buy my Confessions Goody Bag and follow the instructions inside to start your exposure REALITY!

P.S. – Make sure to look at the past exposure blogs I’ve written – keep in mind that some have been removed (blackmail fantasy fetish anyone?)

Sissy Steffy: My Official Limp Dicked Loser – Exposed!


I am SO very excited to expose and humiliate my newest exposure volunteer (she IS a volunteer after all; having purchased my Public Exposure Goody Bag!). She asked for this!

Steffy is quite the sexy little sissy as you can see from her photos and from her Sissy ID Card. I mean; look at that pouty pink mouth and that sexy blonde hair! See her practicing her cock sucking skills on that dildo?

I recently had a call with Steffy and she didn’t realize I was actually jotting down notes; word for word and here’s what she had to say:

“Every girlfriend I’ve ever had; I would never be able to get it up for them. They would all become disappointed and cheat on me eventually. I would just stay soft and limp; it was pathetic. I would stay completely soft. They would cheat with Alpha males; I was useless.”

Useless. Limp Dicked. Disappointment To Women.

“I’m thinking about moving away and becoming a T-girl hooker. I’ve had offers before and that way I could transition to actually be a she-male for the rest of my life. Cock worship and cum swallowing is all I fantasize about and I’ve done it before. I’ve worshiped the cocks of a few dom daddys and dominant she-males and it was where I belonged.”

Many Disappointed Lovers

I also took the time to find out the names of some of those potential lovers that Sissy Stef has completely disappointed: Jamal K., Cassandra M., Marlaina J., Diana C., Tina H., Rachelle P.

Can you believe how many people have been disappointed because this limp dicked loser couldn’t perform? Oh, but I bet Steffy could perform for cock!

Remember sending me this photo collage Steffy? Didn't think I'd use it to further expose you? Think again lovely!

Remember sending me this photo collage Steffy? Didn’t think I’d use it to further expose you? Think again lovely!

Do you remember sending me this lovely photo collage Steffy? Didn’t think I’d use it to further expose you? Think again lovely.

Enjoy your exposure Steffy. Remember; I’m leaving the country for several weeks starting next week – you will be completely unable to beg, pay or plead for me to remove this blog post until I get back. YUM.

OMG – this just in – if you google ‘sissy steffy exposed limdick loser’ you might be able to actually see her! In action! Go ahead…..give her a look; she’ll like it.

Nyloned Sissy Exposure Addict: BLOG REMOVED!

Blog Post REMOVED at sissy’s request!


It was a very expensive request $$$$$. Some sissies think they want to be exposed but once they see themselves up in lights – they change their mind! It can be VERY costly to have your public exposure removed once I’ve taken the time and delight to put it up! Keep that in mind if you purchase my Public Exposure Package on Niteflirt.


Sissy Faggot Tara – A New Level Of Exposure!

We’re starting the New Year out with the ULTIMATE in Exposure for Sissy Faggot Loser Supreme Tara!

You may remember Tara’s Public Confession early last year here on my blog and on Twitter. We kept it pretty tame that time; using photos of Tara all dressed up in femme and having her share her personal story. Well, well have I got even more humiliating pictures and stories for you about Tara! She has been on a sissy-tosin rampage all over Niteflirt; being exposed on other Mistress’s blogs and even starting her very own Niteflirt page! She even has a Twitter page that you can follow!

I remember when I first started talking with Tara; it wasn’t long before I knew I had a true loser on my hands. I have had her on cam doing some of the most humiliating things – for me and for my friends, too! She’s quite the cam slut and I can’t wait to share some of her most exposed photos with you.

She’s really done it now – she purchased my Public Exposure Goody Bag a SECOND Time! Tara has given me tons of ammunition to fully and FOREVER expose her to my followers – from this day forward; this blog will stay here for eternity – pictures and all – never to be removed for any reason (or unless a very substantial tribute and a very lenient Mistress mood hit on the same day). Here you have it Tara – you are now, as they say, Royally Fucked.

Let’s start out with a photo I’ve edited to showcase some of Tara’s most sissy-like details:

sissytaraAnd now, directly from the diva herself……..

Dear Kelly,
Kelly, I writing to you in regards, to the incriminating photo’s you have posted of me dressed in feminine clothing, panties, and a dress on your web site!  Also, you’ve posted even more embarrassing photo’s of me on your twitter page!   Worst of all, you have referred to me as a loser and a faggot in these posts!  The things you’ve posted and said about me, could be considered rather, shall we say mean and humiliating?  Now, to be fair, I do remember, you did caution me, about wanting to have my face, in my first confession!  Even to the point, where, you warned me, that it would be up there forever!  You also warned me that it would be very difficult and  expensive to convince you to take it down!  Your cautions and warnings, didn’t go unheard, I toned my confession down, and we didn’t include any nudity!  However, the photos do make me feel rather vulnerable, and the names you’ve called me, let’s just say they can be rather damaging!   
The only problems are, I am hopelessly addicted to you, and that vulnerability I feel, well it turns me on!   Kelly, I want you to know,  I feel truly blessed to have found you, and I’m excited that you agreed to expose me on your web site!  But, I want more!  I would love for you to expose me deeper!  Please Kelly, please take my embarrassment, humiliation and shame to a new level!
Kelly, please make other sissies envious of me!  Please expose me so guys can jerk off looking at me and reading about me!  Most of all humiliate me, to the point, that Ms. Jane and Ms. Susan greet me and refer to me as a loser when I call!   

Kelly as you know, I love being in front of the camera!   I love being told how to pose, or to hold a pose as you take an embarrassing picture of me and then post it!  Some how, the pleasure center in my brain must release some adrenaline or endorphin into my blood stream!  Because it feels real good!  For the sake of embarrassment, let’s just refer to this as sissytosin!  For me having sissytosin released is almost more pleasurable than sex!  It’s got better than alcohol or drugs!  I also have a tendency to get real carried away, when my sissytosin level gets too high! 
When that level  gets high enough, I’m thrilled, to take my panties off, grab a toy, and penetrate my sissy pussy for you!  It feels like every time, I ram a toy in for you, it pushes one of my secrets out of my mouth and more sissytosin into my blood stream!  You seem to gobble up my confessions and you seem rather happy to use them against me!  That’s part of what makes you so irresistible! 
Also, when my sissytosin level gets to high, and a see a really cute girl, I don’t fanatasize about having sex with her, I fantasize about not having sex with her!  To me it feels so fantastic to be eliminated as a male with hot women!  When, I fantasize and masturbate to these women, I’m always wondering if they shave their pussies, the size and type of cocks they like, how hot and wet they get!  Then of course, I think about the fact she, just painted my nails, sold me panties, recommended a girly smelling tanning lotion, etc…. and she now knows, I am a fag, and best of all, I get the shame of knowing, her pussy is now totally off limits!     
The truth is Kelly, I’ve had so many orgasms fantasizing about not fucking you, I could never afford pay you a penny for each one!  What’s worse is, I’ve had even more ruined orgasms than that!  But, the most humiliating thing is;  I really hate having orgasms, when I rub my self to your goodies!  It just seems wrong!  That’s why, I try to ruin them!  Actually, it’s more embarrassing than that, I probably have twenty to thirty wonderful edges for every orgasm, abandoned orgasm, or ruined orgasm, that I can’t avoid!  I love rubbing off to you and orgasms only ruin the fun!
In fact, the reason why, I’m so Kelly crazy right now is:  I haven’t had an orgasm for five days!  Christmas Eve, I decided, I should allow myself a gift of denial!  My Kelly Addiction has really flared up!  I’ve spent  the last three days, looking at your “All Natural Woman” Photo, the one with your thigh pulled up showing your fabulas looking tummy, and comparing it to my sissy photo with my tan lines, and chastity cover!  Your so beautiful, and I so inferior!  I look at your bush and look down at mine!  I haven’t much pubic hair left, and I could never look as hot as you down there! 
I had to do something about this!  So, I picked up the phone and called the laser treatment center, for an appointment!  I needed to go anyway, and they had great news, they could get me in today!  Now remember, I haven’t cum in five days, and normally, I cum two or three time a day, at the minimum!  Of course, this motivated me, to dress to get some humiliating looks, therefore, I wore my tight  curvy jeans, my belt with all the gems on it, and a tan mesh sweater, over a tan camisole!  After, I got out of the car, I wasn’t sure my outfit was sufficient to embarrass me, so I pulled my lacy red thong up so it was visible above my curvy jeans!   My shirt just barely covered it, so it was easy to show the two girls in the waiting room my panties, with just slight forward lean at the counter they were visible!  I did at least get some curious smiles from most of the girls there, releasing a slight bit of sissytosin! 
Usually, when I get to the treatment room the laser tech, has me sign the necessary forms and she steps out for me to change!  Today, after I signed the necessary forms, she was asking me all the normal questions, I just started undressing right in front of her!  I made sure, I was facing her as I took my lacy panties off, and my sissy prissy just sprang forward after being tucked back!  It felt so good, to have a hard on in front of Britney!  It was so worth it, to have been denied an orgasm for the last five days!  Getting my pubes lasered off, is the only way, I’ve been able to get a woman to touch my erection in years!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like she wraps her hand around it, she picks it up between her fingers, it’s really rather humiliating, but today that was enough to make it throb in her fingers, as she shaved me!  In fact, despite the pain of the laser, my sissy prissy stayed erect and dripped almost the whole time!  
I almost forgot, you know those pictures of you in the ”All Natural Woman” series?  You know your pubes look so hot?  After looking at your’s, I decided that my little landing strip just looked awful, and my laser tech and I tried to make them look more feminine and sissified, but we ended up giving up, and she just lasered the landing strip away!  Since, the natural look is coming back, I’ll be able to feel sissified with absolutely nothing in the way of body hair!  I’ll be totally bald and embarrassed down there, forever!  Gee Kelly, that Forever word just keeps coming up today, doesn’t it!
After, Britney took my pubes away,  I stopped by a busy Walmart to put some money on my debit card, to pay for my public confession, and get an embarrassing trip to forever!  The line at the register was long, and I did my best to stand patiently, looking as sexy as a sissy could!   I could feel eyes all over me, such glares, smirks and giggles!  I was so turned on, from my embarrassment, that I immediately, opened up niteflirt, right there, in the parking lot and purchased Kelly’s public confession goodie bag!   I had already sent her the rough draft and the most embarrassing pictures I have, for her to post!  So, it just seemed logical to buy the goodie bag, while I was feeling like a total Kelly addict!  Feeling so satisfied with myself, I undid my jeans and slid them halfway down my legs, so I could rub my freshly smooth sissy prissy and girly bits!  On the way home, I reflected on what I’d done and what I just paid Kelly to do to me!  When, I got home, I listened to the audio that came with the confession goodie bag, and I’m afraid, I’m going to be edging to it forever!   I’ve already edged to it five or six hours!  It’s that good!          
One thing, that I find most addicting about you is your ignore calls!  Sometimes, when I call, you will explain to those with you, why your phone rang, what ignore calls are, what I might very well be doing, which, I always am!  You are absolutely heartless, as you do this, but wave after wave of shame & embarrassment come over me, and when your friends laugh, I suddenly realize that sissytosin is making my sissy prissy is throb harder & feel warm, and get extremely drippy! 
Let me tell you, there’s been times when Kelly has picked up the phone and announced to everyone that a pervert has called and is going to be listening in and jerking off!  She has even answered the phone and said hello Loser to me!  Those first moments are always interesting, because you never know what’s coming!  Now, the most incredible thing, that has happened is when I’ve called, and I’ve been over heard moaning by waitresses, and gobs of her friends!  It’s not just girls either, I’ve jerked and moaned as I could hear guys laughing at me too!  Being heard jerking off like that, releases so much sissytosin, that I keep my eye on her regular listing to see, if she becomes available for regular calls afterwards!  And, if she does, I have to call her regular listing, just to find out, who heard me masturbate, and who laughed at me!  I feel like such a fag doing this, but I can’t stop doing it!  
 My actual favorite Ignore Call is when she and her friends encourage me, by telling me to make faggy noises and mock my sissy moans!  I just can’t get enough of this!  One time she even recognized my moans and whipped out her phone, and showed her friends some of my sissy pics and told them all about me as I moaned for them!  I heard them all, and wow did they laugh at me!  That made me feel like a star!  Btw, In case this worries you, Kelly has my standing permission to show my pictures to any of her friends, and I’m thankful for her taking advantage of me like this!
Several times, I’ve been lucky enough to catch Her and William having sex!  It’s so exciting to hear her moaning from what he does for her!  One time, I even got to interact with them and I sort got a crush on William!  I told Kelly, how bad guys are at phone sex, yet I’d love to have phone sex or real sex with William!  He’s awesome and I’m so glad he and Kelly are together!  He’s always so nice to me even though he knows I’m a total fag! 
I suspect, that Kelly has figured out that the words loser, faggot, and forever are trigger words for me, that instantly release large amounts of sissytosin, and bring me to the edge rather quickly!  In fact, I believe we had a twenty or thirty minute call, where I asked her, if she thought I was a loser!  Her first reaction was a giggle and a simple, yes sweetie, you’re definitely a loser! 
I must admit, at first, I was a little uncomfortable about this, yet when, she started naming off things that define losers, she exerted such confidence and dominance over me, that she set loose a huge amount of sissytousin!  My throbbing sissy prissy was so hard and warm, as wave after wave of faggy edges washed across me!  It was like she was on top of me, fucking me with words!  Those words penetrated my mind and as they soaked in, I started to feel pleasure and pride and genuine excitement as I accepted being a loser!
Now, Kelly has my confession, my faggy pictures, and I’ve paid for the goodie bag, and as she would say ”I have officially fucked myself!  There’s no way to back out now, I’m just edging while listening to the Public Confession audio, over and over, thinking about how long forever is, what the word public means, and waiting until she is available for calls, so she can interview me and ask me all the embarrassing questions that haven’t been answered as of yet!  
Currently my excitement is winding down, as I await my fate!  I’m nervous, will Kelly accept my confession?  How will I like, having my revealing pictures, posted and retweeted over and over, by people I don’t even know?  Who is going to see me?  Or, what if they don’t get retweeted at all?  I just know this would make me cry!  Where will this end?  Oops, I guess it doesn’t end does it?  
Thank you Kelly

You’re so sweet to do this to me!

Sissy. Faggot. Loser. Forever. There she is everybody! You can re-tweet, re-post, share, jerk off to, laugh at with your friends – everybody needs to see!

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A One Nutted Fuck – Publicly Exposed

I received an email on Niteflirt recently letting me know that my Public Confession Goody Bag had been purchased by someone named ihaveonenut. I knew he was a loser before I even found out the truth about him! He really does just have a uni-ball!

I couldn’t believe it when he sent me this picture:


That is what it looks like when a guy takes his one ball and makes it even tighter! Talk about a One Balled Loser! Anyone know a half man named Steve Long or maybe Mr. Singleton? With a wifey named Kristine? If so – make sure you told him you’ve seen his wonder nut!

You asked for the exposure. Here it is! You know there’s only one way to get me to take this down……….


Blackmailing My Masturbating Boss!

You've Been Caught!

You’ve Been Caught!

This is a fun little fantasy I had recently…..imagining I was a secretary working in a large office. Dressing sexy as I make my rounds; delivering messages and mail.

Knock. Knock. Mr. Smith?

Oh, dear! As I push the door to his office open I can hear some moaning and then see his arm pumping up and down. It’s unmistakable; he’s jacking off! What should I do? Close the door and pretend not to have noticed?

Should I Blackmail Him?

Of course, I decide to push my way inside and make my presence known. He does, after all, have the power to improve my financial pay out. I, of course, have the power to either keep his perverted little secret or not!

Pay Up or Be Exposed!

Want to listen in? Find out how much he ends up paying? I’ve added ‘Blackmailing My Masturbating Boss’ to my Erotic Audios Collection. It can be yours for just $25 to listen to, over and over again.

Public Confession: Tara – I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 3 of 3)

Here we are with the final installment of my sissy Tara’s Public Confession! This has been so much fun! I have loved talking with Tara, watching her on web cam, sharing her pictures on my blog and on Twitter and even inviting my friends (and even my boyfriend William) to enjoy her pictures and writing. The comments on my blog and on Twitter from other Mistresses and from random strangers has really been the bow on the panty! I have loved reading about the evolution of Tara’s feminization. We have talked about the possibility of her doing more Public Confessions, picture sharing and blog posts in the very near future and….I can’t wait! I think we having a budding blogger in our midst!

Please take a moment to post a comment, to re-tweet or to favorite this post!

In Case You Missed Them: Part 1 and Part 2

I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 3 of 3)

Right after buying my shoes and walking through the mall and experiencing outing my shoe fetish, I tara3headed into Victoria’s Secret to be fitted for a bra!  I told the cute girl who waited on me, what I was looking for and she took me into another room, off to the side!  I was shocked there were lots of women and girls in there!  She told me in front of them, we would have to wait for the ladies, to be done, before we could use the changing room!  And then, in front of all of them, she said ”arms up” and took a tape and measured me and announced my measurements for everyone to hear!   I guess, since, I was wearing women’s shoes, so it shouldn’t have shocked the ladies, but it sure shocked me!   I was beyond embarrassed, standing waiting to try on a bra!  I decided to browse the panty racks and pick out the cutest panties, I could find!  After all, I was already totally humiliated!

They Come Right Into The Dressing Room While I’m In Panties!

As time went on, I started trying on more and more outfits in stores, if the sales associates seemed to be interested in helping me, I would always find something to purchase!  If they seemed put off by the whole thing, I’d simply move on to another store, until I found the right place, the right associate, etc….   I never wanted to make any sales associate uncomfortable!   The thing is, when I find the right associate or associates, it turns into fun for all of us!  The girls or ladies that make things the most fun and exciting, are confident and see me as no threat, what so ever!  Some of them, come right into the dressing room, while I’m in panties!  Others just knock on the changing room door at the same time as their opening it!  Sometimes, multiple associates will be pulling items, for me to try on!   It’s all so fantastic feeling, when this happens!  I love the attention, especially when they want to see me model the outfits!  I’ve even had some girls, take my picture in the outfits as I try them on!  It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, and forget that I’m not really a girl, when things are going this way!  Trying clothes on, under these circumstances really seems to create satisfying acceptance of myself, within me, that is just impossible to explain!

I Felt Naked Wearing A Dress Instead Of Slacks!

Eventually, my desires came to include make up and trips to the day spa too!  One time after a make up lesson at Merrill Norman Cosmetics in the mall, I left in complete fem and the purchase of my first dress followed on that very day!   I felt so awkward, wearing a dress, makeup and heals that day, and I could hear people giggling and pointing at me!  Despite this, it was nice to finally do it!  My next trip out, in a dress with full make up, happened just two weeks ago!  It started, with a make over, manicure and pedicure and pink nail polish!  I had my camera with me, and some pictures were taken, of me in my blouse, slacks and vest!  The girls were very good at transforming me as you can see in the pictures!  Then, they had me put on my stockings and my dress!  After, wearing jeans and slacks most of my whole life, the dress just didn’t seem to cover much!  When, I walked out of the dressing room, I told the girls, that I felt naked, wearing a dress instead of slacks!   They took more pictures of me, before sending me out to the mall, drug store, and the beauty supply!    I felt, so very vulnerable, and exposed in the dress but at the same time I felt extremely confident, and sexy!  I loved the feeling of peoples eyes upon me!   This is definitely, an experience, I’d like to repeat often! 

Thank you Tara for sharing your feminization story with Me and all of my readers! Don’t you just love Tara’s story and photos? I know you’d love to see yourself up in lights wouldn’t you? Just make a Public Confession and you will be right here!

Public Confession: Tara – I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 1 of 3)

As you may be aware, I offer a Public Confessions service here on my blog and on Twitter. As soon as I met Tara on the phone; I knew she was craving public confession and exposure. I encouraged her to purchase my Public Confession and here we are – with Part 1! Tara’s writing was so fun and flirty and her slow reveal of her in full fem in her photos was so sexy that I just had to break it up into a multiple part confession. I’m so excited to share this first part and to share my Tara with all of you. I will be sharing more of her story and more of her pics as the weeks go by.

I hope you will comment on her confessions, on her photos (yes, these are REALLY Tara’s photos!) and that you will re-tweet this so even more people see it! Her writing will always be in this sissy pink color.

I Love Being Seen In Fem (Part 1 of 3)

I’ve had several conversations with Coach Kelly about making a Public Confession on her blog, and she decided that I should do a Bio about myself!  That does seem kind of interesting, but I could go on and on, and most likely bore you to death!  To keep from boring you, I’d like to focus on more interesting material about, my desire to wear feminine things, why I like fine lingerie, softer women’s attire, and the emotional and mental effects, as well! 

I will admit that my fetish for women’s clothing started in childhood, my story is just about the same as everyone else, you can find all sorts of stories, about that on the net.  As, I said, I’d like to keep from boring you, so I’ll start sharing my story, with an experience from college!  This experience, It seems, to have been the spark that got me started wanting feminine things!  Back in my college days, after a dance, my girl friend, and I were playing around, she still had her pantyhose on, and the feeling of them on my legs was amazing!  I’ve wanted that feeling again, but have never been that lucky since!

Visions of Sexy Women in Lingerie

Tara's Panties

A few years later, while extremely fatigued, highly aroused, and denied masturbation, during a week long vacation with friends, guess what jumped into my mind!  That’s right my X-girlfriend and her pantyhose!  It got much worse, as we drove through the desert for hours upon hours!   We’d run out of things to talk about, and I think everyone was going crazy from looking at desert and sand!  Visions of sexy women in lingerie, started running through my mind!  As the hours slowly drifted by, my imagination started shifting to being that sexy girl, myself!  Why not me?  Why could I not be, the sexy girl, the girl, men would do anything and everything for?    Suddenly, I couldn’t wait, for vacation to be over!  But, my friends, made things worse, without knowing it, they added a cruel twist.  They wanted to stop at a shopping mall!  And, to add to my agony, everyone decided to go there own way!  I wandered through the mall, lost and in a fog, and there it was, a lingerie shop!  I wanted to go in, so bad!  I walked by that shop so many times, glancing in the windows.  Finally stopping and sitting out side the shop peering in!   I didn’t understand my desires at all!  By the time we left Santa Fe, I was determined to start dabbling in my lingerie fetish!   After, returning home and getting some sleep, the desire seemed to fad slightly, but within two weeks, it was more intense than ever!  Soon, I found myself, in the lingerie department, buying my first couple pairs of panties!   I felt, so guilty, confused,  embarrassed, and extremely vulnerable, all at the same time!  What if, someone I know, comes in?   

My Sissy Prissy Was So Hard! 

After leaving with the panties, I stopped at a Burger King to use the restroom and put my panties on!  I had a white lace thong, and a pair of black lace bikini style panties, I opted for the thong!  And, they fit, my guess on the size couldn’t  have been better!  I felt so naked, wearing my new panties, even though, I had jeans on!  I purchased a drink and a sandwich, and I felt so weird waiting for my food, the sensations of the lace and the feel of my jeans on my bare bum were so electric!  I was so amazed at the flood of physical sensations, and the flood of unexpected emotional effects!  I felt renewed, regenerated, and excited, but yet, nervous, vulnerable, exposed, but yet totally aroused!  My sissy prissy was so hard!  Feelings of guilt were coursing through me, at the same time!  Where was this going? 

Stay tuned in one week for Part 2 of Tara’s Public Confession!