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The Interview: The Head Bitch In Charge Only Hires BIG Cocks

theinterviewThis new hot, exclusive audio can only be found in this Goody Bag – 7 erotic minutes of storytelling for just $15! Buy it now.

You’re job hunting and have applied for a personal assistant position at a completely female owned kelly_black_ (6)multi-million dollar business. The HBIC (head BITCH in charge) has called you in for an interview. You’re seated in a very crowded waiting room…………….looking around at the other applicants. Beefy men with tailored suits and one thing they all seem to have in common; bulging crotches!

Your name is called and you’re escorted to her office door. You hesitate as you reach out and take the knob; twisting it and walking in………………

There she is…………looking as confident, domineering and sexy as you imagined.

It’s time for your Interview. Will you measure up?

This audio has threads of: sph, humiliation, female domination, cum eating, roleplay, secretary, panties, high heels, joi and cfnm

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