Now Offering: Professional Penis Evaluation

Hi there! I wanted you to be the first to know about a new program that I’m now offering:

Professional Penis Evaluation!

Penis Evaluation

Many men ask me my opinion about their cock size; I’m sure you’re curious to know, too. Aren’t you? Through this Sunday, June 29th, I’m offering this package for just $15. It will be $25 after that.

Your Professional Penis Evaluation Includes:

  • Informative Packet Instructions
  • Link to password protected online questionnaire
  • Penis Measurement Instructions
  • Penis Preference Chart
  • Penis Comparison Guide
  • Permission to email 3 penis photos
  • A personalized email from me; evaluating your penis and giving you my professional opinion of it’s size

Purchase your evaluation packet and you will have my personal opinion within hours! I’ll be watching my email all weekend long for your results.

Don’t forget to look through my Goody Bag collection while you’re online, to follow me on Twitter and to subscribe to my Personal Blog for updates.

Have fun taking those measurements and taking those penis pics for me!




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