BBC – The Future IS Black!

You do know what BBC is – right? BBC stands for Big Black Cock. Mmmmmm! I know you’ve been fantasizing about seeing me with a dark skinned lover; haven’t you? Well, for your interracial kinky needs you can listen anytime to the audios I made a while back called The Truth About Black Cock and Alpha BBC.

I know you’re ready for some new BBC training.

It’s time to advance to a new type of training in the world of BBC sex. Let’s focus on black supremacy, being bred by black cocks and about women that WANT black babies.

This is a very specific niche and I have someone that writes the most amazing scripts about it! Want to have a listen? Each of these new audios is 16 minutes long and I’ve put them on sale through August 1st only – 16 minutes for $16 – that’s a steal! Why did I put them on sale? Because I want YOU to listen! I want YOU to hear all about it!

The first one is called White Boy Tissue Wank – omg I love this one! Make sure you have a fresh box of Kleenex at hand!

White Boy Tissue Wank by Kink Coach Kelly

The second is called BBC Initiative Training – again, you are absolutely going to love this and you should again have a box of Kleenex!

BBC Initiative Training by Kink Coach Kelly

Don’t worry – these are very different audios with the same ‘theme’ in mind. Enjoy!

Want to hear my voice saying exactly what you want to hear about interracial sex? Call Me LIVE!

If you want me to record something just for you – ask me about making you a personalized, custom audio. I can record a script, a story or I can create something unique. Email me – to start a communication about your personal erotic audio.

The Future IS Female!

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