Black Widow – New Erotic Audio Available!

You know I love creating hot, erotic content for you! There’s nothing like putting those earbuds in and hitting play; sitting back with your cock in your hand and listening to me weave a story that always includes hot fucking and explosive orgasms!I already have 77 amazing goody bags in my content collection – audios, photo sets, combo sets, a penis evaluation package and much more.

Click to see all My Goodies! theblackwidow1

I have someone that writes the most amazing scripts for me – I’m sure you’re familiar with my series about the Succubus or about the Seductress aren’t you? These are series of recorded scenarios involving me being the bitch in charge of things; usually with super powers of seduction and sex!

Female Double Agent: Seductions & Secret Liasons
Superhero vs. Seductress – Parts 1-5

Succubus Series – Part 1

Now for something brand spankin’ new!

This new audio will not disappoint! It’s called Black Widow and is 24 minutes of hot fucking fun! I use my super powers and my hot body to tease and torment our latest victim….errrrrr super-hero! He can’t resist me – can you? This is the 1st in what I’m sure will become a series.

Here’s a free clip from the recording: Black Widow Audio Clip

Here’s where you can purchase the audio directly: 

If you love my voice and want to have me record something personal for you – I make custom erotic audios of all kinds! Just message me with your ideas and thoughts –

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